RUSLOM.COM is a National self regulating organization of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and wastes processors and vehicle recyclers registered in the list of self-regulating organizations of Russia by the Federal Registration Service of Russia.

RUSLOM.COM is the first in Russia self-regulating organization of scrap metals market operators.

The aim of RUSLOM.COM is to develop Russian scrap metals industry, to be a liason between scrap metals industry and the Government, to represent Russian scrap processing industry before the international business community, as well as to solve existing problems and arguments.

RUSLOM.COM takes part in end-of-life vehicles recycling programs in Russia controlling the fulfilment of the program upon the agreement with the Ministry of Indistry and Trade of Russia and registering every car recycled.

100% shredder facilities of Russia are the members of RUSLOM.COM. RUSLOM.COM is BIR member as a regional association in Russia.

The principles of the activities of the Partnership are QUALITY, FAIRNESS, RELIABILITY.

The members of the Partnership can be individuals and (or) entities, including foreign ones, involved in scrap collecting and processing.

Membership in the partnership is voluntary.

The members of the Partnership are its founders and other entities entered the Partnership after its foundation.

All members of the Partnership have equal rights regardless of the time of entering the Partnership.



Member of BIR
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