SRO Strip of events

12-17 September 2016
The International Conference «Russian-Japanese Scrap Market» And business trip to Japan, Press-release

25 May 2016  
Practical branch seminar ''Electric pry'' was carried out in the Guest House. There were 70 delegates. Photoreport.

19 May 2016
V.V.Kovshevnyi carried out an educational seminar ‘’metallurgy in 100 years" in Viksynksyi metallurgy factory ÎÌÊ, city of Viks. Event is one of educational project combined provided by the Institute of continuous education ÌÈÑèÑ.

19 May 2016 
Participation of representors NP NSRO ''RUSLOM.COM'' in extended meeting OF TPP RF committee of nature-use and ecology and presentation of Aleksandr Nikolaievich Sharudi: Part of scrap industry in system of utilization of electric waste.13 may 2016. 
V.V.Kovshevnyi, director NP NSRO "ÐÓÑËÎÌ.ÊÎÌ" on the air of RBK: Greenhouse gases are going to be classified.

28 April 2016 
The Specialist of international right NP NSRO ''RUSLOM.COM''
Polina Chermih made a report on the potential of cooperation of Russia and China in the sphere of utilization, scrap, metallurgy and environment at an industry event The First General Meeting in Wuhan. Post release 9th Chinese conference.

27 April 2016
Comments of Vladimir Kovševnyj on the market of scrap and metallurgy in Russia and in the world of industry published by the Bloomberg. In a World Where Steel Is Money Loser, Russian Mills Find a Profit.

24 April 2016
Report on the acceptance of scrap and the issues of illegal settlements for TVC channel. Comments on the situation in the industry ,Director of NP SRO "RUSLOM.KOM Kovševnyj V. and chief engineer, PK "Vtormet" Vorontsov Yuri Mikhailovich.

19 April 2016
Moscow, Guest house. Opening of the destination program of the national business club RUSLOM.COM , carrying out of Regular Meeting of NP SRO "DIRECTION.COM and round table" Scrap Market: banks, law, manufacturing, Analytics".

10-14 April 2016
The participation of a representative NP SRO "DIRECTION.KOM" press tour at RMK, OAO, Magnitogorsk, visiting the production and demonstration of new technologies of procurement , production of copper and also using the brass pry.

11-13 April 2016
The participation of representatives of NP SRO "DIRECTION.KOM on a business trip to Germany on the invitation of OOO Liebherr-Russland" with a visit to the LIEBHERR stand.

07 April 2016 
Meeting of director with representatives of RosEuroBank on questions of optimizing the interaction of pry processors with servicing banks

04 April 2016
The meeting of representatives of NP NSED " RUSLOM.KOM " with representatives of B & N on optimizing the interaction pry processors servicing banks

31 Marth 2016. 
Speech in live-program of RBK-TV ,Director of NP NSRO ''RUSLOM.COM'' Kovshevnyi V.V on state supporting new and reconstructing mettalurgy powers.

31 Marth 2016 
Meeting of Director Np SPO ''RUSLOM.COM'' Kovnshevnogo V.V with japan delegation in Moscow. Objective: Negotiations about perspectives and steps to improve the manufacturing international metallurgy and pry-processing relationship. Organization of business events and missions

23 Marth 2016
Meeting of Director NP NSPO ''RUSLOM.COM'' with Raivaizen bank representatives in order to reach optimization of pry-processors cooperation with servicing banks

22 Marth 2016 
Anticipation of RUSLOM representatives in seminar of Orgocommittee of football championship ''Russia 2018'' on subject: organization of gathering TKO, including Pry and metal waste while preparing and carrying out the Championship of football 2018

17 Marth 2016
The meeting of representatives of NP NSPO " RUSLOM.KOM " with representatives of the Savings Bank of Russia and Sberbank AST on optimizing the interaction of pry-processors with servicing banks

13-16 Marth 2016
United business trip of director of NP NSPO " RUSLOM.KOM " and representatives of Japanese companies in the metal scrap sites of the Far East .

10 marth 2016
Anticipation of NP NSPO representatives in meeting of NP ''Russian Steel'' on question of how to free citizens from paying NFD from incomings which are received from change of pry black and base metal

10 Marth2016
Anticipation of NP NSPO representors'' RUSLOM.COM'' in the deputy meeting of production and trade of Russian Federation S.A.Ciba on question how to improve normative-right base of harvest and pry processing the black and based metals

10 Marth 2016
A meeting of representatives of NP SRO "RUSLOM.COM" with representatives of Alfa-Bank on matters of optimization of interaction of companies with servicing banks.

04 Marth 2016 
Meeting with the Director of NP SRO "RUSLOM.COM" with representatives of Rosfinmonitoring on issues of optimization of interaction of companies with servicing banks.

03 Marth 2016 .
Anticipation in Satin'' Business Russia'' :pointing out five main problems in sphere of nature-using and ecology for inclusion into report of the President of Russian Federation from authorized representative of the President of Russian Federation on defending the industrialist ''Subject which is initiated by NP NSRO ''RUSLOM.COM'': how to free citizens from paying NFD from incomings which are received from change of pry black and base metal

29 February -1s Marth 2016
Organizing and conducting the 12th international exhibition and forum "ferrous and non-ferrous metals 2016" in the Building of the Moscow Government.

11 February - 4 Marth 2016 
Meeting of NP NSPO''RUSLOM.COM'' representatives with Irian delegation in Moscow. Subject: Negotiations about perspectives and steps on improving the manufacturing international metallurgy and pry-processing relationship between Russia and Iran Organization of business events and missions.

11 February 2016
Speech of the Director of NP SRO "DIRECTION.KOM Kovševnyj VV on the week of metals and mining in Russia and the CIS by invitation of the ADAM SMITH Conferences. Subject: selection of the most promising areas of metallurgy, metallurgy-2115/

01 February 2016
Speech in a live broadcast of RBC-TV Director of NP SRO "DIRECTION.KOM Kovševnyj V. V. on the subject of the establishment of taxes on import by the European Commission.

Post-event press release of the 9th China Int’l Metal Recycling Conference 2016

The 9th China Int’l Metal Recycling Conference, that was taking place on April 26-28, 2016 at Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan, China. The organizers were China Iron & Steel Association (CISA), China Association of Metalscrap Utilization (CAMU) and Metallurgical Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

The sponsors of the event was Hubei Lidi Machine Tool Company Limited.

2015 year has become significant for Chinese metallurgy and steel scrap industry due to declining demand, plunging prices, and growing losses.

The main goal of the 9th China Int’l Metal Recycling Conference has become an discussion of issues affecting the industry.

This biduous event allouted over 500 top executives from all sides of the market: scrap recyclers, traders, representatives of the steel mills, informational and analytical companies and the equipment providers. The representatives of Non-commercial partnership “National self regulating organization of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and wastes processors and vehicle recyclers” RUSLOM.COM were invited by the organizers of the event as a guests of honor and main experts.

Besides of unique opportunity of business communication and services presentation, participants received exclusive information on the markets, and scrap metal from both domestic and international experts.

The first day of the conference began with a grand opening and greetings. The subject of business program was divided by topics. In the morning session, was made presentations about the changes in the tax system, and innovations in the environmental, legal and trading systems. It was introdused China's 13th Five-year Plan on steel scrap industry. Evening session included the presentations from the representatives of the Chinese metallurgical industry.

The first day of the forum ended by Conference Dinner Banquet, where was given a speech by the conference sponsor Lee Minbo, director of the machine-tool-stock company Hubei Lidi. The participants were not only able to communicate in an informal atmosphere but also to admire the traditional Chinese cuisine, characteristic of the Hubei Province.

The second day of the Forum was characterized by the development of Chinese steel industry market outlook and pricing trend.

The head of International Department Non-commercial partnership "RUSLOM.COM" Polina Chermnykh was given a speech on the potential development of cooperation between Russia and China in the field of recycling, scrap processing, metallurgy and ecology in Wuhan.

Finally, future plans were given related to the environment, industry and the economy of China. At the end of the conference, participants were invited to a tour of the plant HUBEI LIDI MACHINE TOOL CO.,LTD.

The conference allowed to come into contact with the latest information in the field of metallurgy, processing and recycling of China, see structural changes in the environmental, legal, tax and trading systems, learn about the future plans and prospects for the development of scrap markets and metals.

Post-event press release of XII International Forum and Exhibition “Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals”

Under the conditions, tempolabile markets and economic crisis 2016 year has become significant for all branch stakeholder of scrap processing industry and metallurgy. The beginning of the year has become utmost important choice point for the right strategy of doing business. Anticipated, political, international business branch exhibition became XII Forum “Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals”, which was taking place on 29 February – 1 March 2016 in Moscow Government building, Moscow, Russia. The organizers were Non-commercial partnership “National self-regulating organization of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and wastes processors and vehicle recyclers” «RUSLOM.COM» and informational and analytical company RUSMET.

Over 600 delegates representing 30 countries attended the forum. Including companies from the US, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, England, Sweden, Japan, Iran, China, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.

The Forum allotted delegates from the main Russian steel plants: Mechel, Severstal, NLMK, Evraz, Metalloinvest, OMK and MMK, ChTPZ, UMMC, CMP, enterprise scrap market, just as independent processors, so allied network companies. There were also manufacturers and suppliers of metallurgical equipment, importers of ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and rare-earth metals and scrap from the United States, Iran, China, Japan, Europe, CIS, foreign and Russian experts, analysts, representatives of public authorities, etc.

The sponsors of the event were such companies known as on the domestic market as well as on the world's market - leaders in the production and supply of equipment and the scrap-processing:

•​ Gold Sponsor "Max-InTrade"

•​ Silver Sponsors "Metso" and TEREX \ FUCHS


For the first time ever was a branch advertising Buildings Exposition in extended format in the lobby of the Moscow Government. Exhibitors were industry companies from 15 countries. Also presented were the photo stand exposure Scrap Art.

Significant occasions of the Forum became Grand opening and IV National award ceremony Non-commercial partnership «RUSLOM.COM» «The Best of Scrap Metals Market». First at this year Competition Commission guided not only applications of nominees, but also the results of the first all-Russian rating scrap market enterprises and scrap processing industry, compiled by the monitoring center associations of scrap recyclers.

It presented awards winners:

Ltd. "Industrial Company" Vtormet "Moscow

"SGMK-Trade" Ltd., Novokuznetsk

LLC "Company Metallolomnaya

"OMK EcoMetal", Moscow

AKRON Holding, Moscow

"Agropribor" Ltd., Moscow

LLC "Ural Metallolomnaya Company" Novotroitsk

Ltd. "Oris Prom", Moscow region

JSC "PROFIT" Magnitogorsk

JSC "Pskovvtormet" Pskov

LLC "ALFA-MET", Moscow

LLC "Mordovia harvesting company" Saransk

CJSC "Volga Aluminium Company" Samara region

LLC "Promtehnoset", Moscow region

LLC "Novorosmetall" Novorossiysk

"Meta" OOO Samara

LLC "translational", Moscow

Belarusian Steel Works, g.Zhlobin

LLC "Metalltorg-East", Vladivostok

LLC "Metalica", St. Petersburg

LLC "Trading House" BaltEksKom ", Moscow region

NUST "MISA", Moscow

League recyclers of waste paper BUMPROM, Moscow

"Vtorchermet NLMK" LLC, Ekaterinburg

JSC "Kazvtorchermet", Republic of Kazakhstan

LLC PO "Vtortsvetchermet"

"Kirovchermet" LLC, Izhevsk

GC "Uralmetprom" OOO, Tambov

LLC "Ormet" Orel

"Severstal-Vtorchermet" OOO, Cherepovets

"Intermettreyd" LLC, Kazan

The honorable expert of the 12th International Scrap Metals Forum, Russia

Mr. Shigeo Nakamura

Advanced Material Japan Corporation, Tokyo

JSC "Freight One", Moscow


"Level" Ltd.

Congratulations! We wish you success and prosperity!

Besides of unique opportunity of business communication and services presentation, participants received exclusive information on the markets, and scrap metal from the world's leading experts.

The subject of business program comprised macroeconomic forecasts for commodity markets, trends in the mining and metallurgical complex and modernization, and technical reports on the use of various raw materials for foundry production. There were expand on markets of scrap and metals, Fe, Al, Cu, Pb, Ni, Ti, Zn, Sn, alloy steel, rust-resisting steel. Pt, Au, Ag, Nb, W, Ni, Co, Mg etc.

The first day of the Forum became the international event indeed. Both domestic and international experts made the business program of the presentations.

Among the first-key speakers were:

Georgy Goncharov, director of METALRESEARCH LLC had made a detailed report from the market outlook for 2016.

Vladimir Dvoretskyi, Chairman of the Association of National Union of Industrialists of secondary metallurgy (Kazakhstan), had fully explored the topic “Scrap market and steel industry. Regulation of the market in Russia and Kazakhstan within the framework of the ECE. Will the ban on scrap exports from the Customs Union?”

Ildar Neverov, representative of the International Association for the recycling of industrial and household waste, Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), in the CIS and the Russian Federation, Member of the BIR for the stainless steel market, Member of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Market had informed about antidumping special taxes against Russian steel. Scrap export feasible constraints. He also touched on the theme of the position of the state and business.

Mr Shigeo Nakamura. president of Advanced Material Japan Corporation with his co-speaker Mr. Kedar Modi from Advanced Material Trading pte. Ltd had told about situation on the world market of metal and cooperation Russia-Japan on the market of non-ferrous, rare and rare-earth metals.

Mr. Alireza Jafarinejad, Head of ME Metals had made a presentation on Iran's market potential in the field of metallurgy and scrap collection.

Dr. Thomas Windberger, Market Analyst bei Steel & Metals Market Research (SMR GmbH), had given a detailed analysis of the demand for scrap nichrome, nickel, molybdenum. And also spoke about the market of stainless steel scrap and price determination for scrap and raw materials in the world.

Maxim Belopotapov, a general manager of « Max-InTrade » had given a presentation of new technologies for processing scrap.

Mr Esa Salokorpi, head of Sales Department KAJAANIN ROMU OY, had made an interesting report on the scrap trade potential between Russia and Finland.

Mr. Rutger Gyllenram, a general manager of Kobolde & Partners AB, had given a speech on the topic “the impact of low prices on energy products in the competitive ability of scrap”.

Denis Kondratiev, vice-president of League recyclers of waste paper had spoken about TIPI cancelation on delivery of waste paper. Realization experiment of legislation.

Mr. Jeffrey D. Kimball, vice-president of EUROMETREC (Brussels) had covered a topic of market interest “Introducing “reverse-charge VAT” legislation and further responsibilities on CIS scrap market”.

From the company Sidley Austin LLP (ÑØÀ) Dmitry Dementev, a specialist in foreign trade relations, had made the report about using the mechanisms of Russia's WTO membership and impact on the market of raw materials and scrap. He had comprised topics of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Russia's obligations in respect of the import / export of scrap and raw materials and the prospects for the introduction of export restrictions and taxes. He also had told a specialist in foreign trade relations.

One of the most interesting presentations became speech of Mr. Nicholas Tolomeo Senior Analyst of PLATTS.

Topic of the report: “The forecast of world prices for scrap and analysis of the world market, including import and export opportunities in America, Asia and Europe”.

General manager of SICON Germany, Mr. Heiner Guschall in his report had touch on a quantity of important topics, that are too interesting for the brunch, such as:

•​ Investment potential of scrap processing industry in the world

•​ Ranking of countries with the most attractive investment conditions

•​ An analysis of the state policy in different countries in terms of support for the industry

Sergey Babushkin, Director of Metso Minerals CIS had presented the innovations in scrap recycling.

One of the most great admitted experts a market’s stakeholders Mr. Scott Newell, Chairman of the Board of Directors Newell Recycling Equipment (USA), and Managing Director, had accentuated the True Value of Shredded Steel Scrap.

Dmitry Pyatkov, Senior Analyst of Metals&Mining Intelligence (MMI), had expounded an aspects of Steel scrap market in Russia. Forecast of consumption and the balance of ferrous scrap market in Russia. Trends in product substitutes. The impact of new projects on the balance of consumption of metal charge.

Mr.Vardan Kyurumyan, Sales manager of Group Holding (Austria), had told about REDWARE XRF – emerging technology sensory sorting of scrap metal.

Delegates also listened with interest presentation of Ciu Ruihua, Sales Director of


Anton Maslov, Head of Business Development and chartering of Nortrop Ltd, St. Petersburg branch had made a report: “Shipping. Freights and Surf ports”.

The first day of the forum ended Evening reception in Novy Arbat Entertainment Center. The ceremony was attended by over 300 guests. The participants were not only able to communicate in an informal atmosphere and dance to the music of an incendiary concert program but also to participate in the prize raffle. Congratulations to all the lucky ones, especially TEREX \ FUHCS and ZDAS, who won the honorable right to become sponsors and delegates of the Forum "Ferrous and non-ferrous metals" in 2017. The event promises to be even more ambitious and will take place at the prestigious exhibition venue Gostiny Dvor near the Kremlin.

The second day of the Forum was characterized by not only Spring beginning but also new hope for the stabilization of the financial and legal situation between scrap processors and banks. This topic has become one of the key in the business program of the event March 1, 2016.

Igor Khaustov, president of Multisectoral Consulting Company, and speaker from Non-commercial partnership Ruslom.Kom, Oleg Shakhov, which is Deputy Director for interaction with public authorities and financial-credit and banking institutions, had clarified the problem of Banks and scrap processors, Banks problem solution, Changeover to cashless transfers with scrap delivers, TIPI cancelation, Credit activities industrial and economic activity of scrap recyclers.

Key takeaways of the plenary sitting “Let’s stop aluminum war!” Became utmost important. Secondary aluminum market problems have been widely discussed not only among businesses, but also in the media and the State Duma.

Experts and representatives of business made the forum on the subject of the secondary aluminum market:

Valeryi Kurochkin. Member of board of directors, Varga Ltd, Moscow. Honored Metallurgist of the Russian Federation, Honoured inventor of the USSR, the candidate of technical sciences, the work experience in the industry 40 years. Had given a presentation “Aluminium alloys, the critical situation on the Russian market”.

Dmitryi Larionov, Managing director Arcon Ltd., St. Petersburg, had appended a declaration about Unethical practices of the non-ferrous scrap market participants and its results.

Dmitry Puzanov, the representative of Non-commercial partnership Council of Industrial Enterprises of secondary non-ferrous metal had made an Analysis of export and domestic market of secondary aluminum in 2015. The ban on scrap exports (export duty shall be reduced to 10%, but not less than 76 Euro, and the import duty is 6%). And also had given an estimate VAT-cancelation act removes all risks associated with the possibility of recognition of scrap product designation.

Traditionally, participants of interest is the topic of industrial waste. The forum on the subject submitted reports both domestic and foreign speakers.

Mr.Danas Budilovskis, General manager of UAB REKIN (Ëèòâà)

Report: Recycling of ships.

Polkin Vladislav I., CEO of centre for the development of zinc

Report: Problems of recycling scrap galvanized steel. Processing of titanium chips.

Traidakalo Georgy, General manager of «TISKONT»

Report: Car recycling technology, Corpus aircraft scrap recycling, household appliances recycling at the European examples: «HAMMELRecyclingtecxnik GmbH (Germany); «IRIS-MEC» (Italy); MG-Recycling (Italy).

Sergey Soloviev, director of GOSTINITY and speaker Valeryi Gerasimov.

Report: Recycling of agricultural equipment. Realization of MinPromTorg program.

The final event were the performances of experts on law and personnel affairs in the steel and scrap processing industry.

Sapuntsov Vladimir Dmitrievich, Director NUST MIS&S had told about staff assistance scrap processing industry and metallurgy, training and retraining of staff

Wojciechowski Sergey, the Chairman of the Industrial Trade Union of workers of the enterprises, recyclers, had made a presentation on the prospects of the trade union movement and the protection of the rights of scrap processing industry workers.

The forum has become the biggest in the whole of history, in spite of the crisis and a difficult period for the economy and business. The forum’s key takeaways has become petitions to governmental authorities concerning effectivization of work f the scrap processing industry, çàêëþ÷åíèå êîíòðàêòîâ è ìåìîðàíäóìîâ ñ ðîññèéñêèìè è èíîñòðàííûìè ïàðòíåðà conclusion of contracts and memorandums with Russian and foreign partners, initiation of new targeted programs and directions of the industry community, organization of business meetings, negotiations and international partnerships.


20 October, 2015, Moscow - Non-commercial partnership"RUSLOM.COM" has evaluated the impact of medium-term trends of the international scrap-markets.
The director of "RUSLOM.COM" Victor Kovshevny has noted that according to some foreign expert organizations scrap metal can displace ore and coal from the raw materials market by 2050. The global steel industry will use the recycled metal by 70%, because it is more efficient from the point of view of energy saving, economy and ecology.
As for now, "RUSLOM.COM" highlights the following trends and developments affecting the scrap market in Russia and the world:
1. A world without borders.
Formation of international unions and free trade zones. Example - TIPP (US and the EU Zone).
Meaning: The first who will remove barriers, will overtake the others. The consolidation of the existing model: there exist consumer countries (such as the US) as well as the countries-suppliers (such as China). Who would not agree - will be on the sidelines of history.
Conclusion for Russia: Formation of international alliances (with Iran, India, Japan, Southeast Asian countries), the expansion of the territory of the Customs Union. The introduction of alternative currency.
Impact on the Russian scrap market: remove the restrictions on export and import of scrap, coming of large foreign leaders to create their own networks in Russia. By analogy with the food market: network hypermarkets superseded the small markets and small players.

2. Production of a number of primary raw materials.
Meaning: lower logistics costs. The solution of environmental problems in the West by removing dirty production of final products and semi-finished products to China, Russia and Southeast Asian countries.
Conclusion for Russia: Bet on the creation of high-tech industry's recovery, in which the leading role will be playing by the new generation of scrap procurement (specialization: metal, vehicle, waste paper, rubber, plastic, batteries, e-waste).
Impact on the Russian scrap market: "clarity" of the companies, the arrival of foreign "ecological" investment market, the introduction of new standards. Introduction of compensation schemes for processors by means of environmental charges. Who would not be reconstructed - will not survive.

3. The raw supermarket: a sharp increase in e-commerce.
Meaning: the involvement of all sections of society and state enterprises in the delivery of electronic items recycled through the reception on the principle "apply - they came, took, assessed and paid / issued a certificate for the new offer of similar products."
Conclusion for Russia: a booming of e-commerce in the segments of retail, small and large wholesale recyclable materials: metal, vehicle, waste paper, rubber, plastic, batteries, e-waste). Establishing of recovery exchange.
Impact on the Russian scrap market: an increase in the depth and quality of scrap collection, efficiency gains of 15-30% in the implementation of state-owned enterprises, and scrap with large holdings - a sharp decline in corruption component. Widespread use of government programs of the recycling to support domestic producers.

Non-commercial partnership"RUSLOM.COM" is the unique Russian official industry association of scrap processors, having the status of a national self-regulatory organization. Participants of the partnership are the steel mills and independent companies - the leaders of the state recycling programs and the renewal of the 2010-2011, 2014: NLMK, Metalloinvest, Severstal, OMC , ChTPZ Group, Russian Railways, AvtoVAZ and independent scrap procurement. Members of Non-commercial partnership "RUSLOM.COM" have 100% shredder’s power of Russia (13 shredders) and 65% of the market in terms of consumption of steel scrap in Russia.

For the contacts:
tel. 7 (495) 782-44-84
e-mail ,

A first scrap processing industry rating to be presented at the international forum in Moscow

"RUSLOM.COM", the national self-regulating organization of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and wastes processors and vehicle recyclers, will present the first All-Russian scrap processing industry rating at the beginning of the next year.

The rating is designed to identify leaders and reliable companies among the market players. Besides, the new tool is to identify the regions that lead in provision of state support and in establishing a favorable investment climate for the development of entrepreneurship in the sphere of scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

These ratings are to be first presented at the international meeting of the world's leaders of scrap processing industry - XII International Forum "Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals", that will take place on February 29 - March 1, 2016 in Moscow. A lot of companies from US, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, England, Sweden, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine have already confirmed their participation in the event.

Under the circumstances of crisis, sanctions and political tensions it is much complicated for businesses to enter new markets and to find new customers, as well as to make forecasts and to design business strategies. Existing sources of information are not enough sufficient to form a real picture of industry trends and global markets needs. The most effective tool is in-person communications with partners from different countries.

Russian delegations are presented by: Moscow, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Makhachkala, Nakhodka, Belogorsk, Ekaterinburg, Lyubertsy, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Izhevsk, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Taganrog, Vladivostok, Tula, Naberezhnye Chelny, Novokuznetsk, Saratov Kazan, Tambov, Bryansk, Balashikha, Lipetsk, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and many other cities and regions.

Regional authorities that confirmed to take part in the forum, as well as to facilitate the establishment of regional delegations, and to actively cooperate with scrap metal companies:

The secretariat of the Forum and the Commission of "RUSLOM.COM" will nominate winners with the Fourth Industry Award "Best on the scrap market" based on the rating. The grand awards will be held at the Forum with the participation of officials, government representatives and the main market players.

The program of the event also includes:

The registration of the Forum is open at

Secretariat of the Forum –

tel. 7 (495) 782-44-84

e-mail ,

Organizers: RUSMET and "RUSLOM.COM"

Non-commercial partnership"RUSLOM.COM" is the unique Russian official industry association of scrap processors, having the status of a national self-regulatory organization. Registered by the General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in Moscow on June 14, 2012 ¹ 7714034537.

Participants of the partnership are the steel mills and independent companies - the leaders of the state recycling programs and the renewal of the 2010-2011, 2014: NLMK, Metalloinvest, Severstal, OMC , ChTPZ Group, Russian Railways, AvtoVAZ and independent scrap procurement. Members of Non-commercial partnership "RUSLOM.COM" have 100% shredder’s power of Russia (13 shredders) and 65% of the market in terms of consumption of steel scrap in Russia.

An information-analytical company Rusmet established on the basis of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in 1997 and has 18 years of experience in carrying out research for the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia, conducting research for major steel and petrochemical holdings, such as Severstal, MMK, Arcelor, UMMC, Vallurec & Mannesman Metalloinvest, Norilsk Nickel. One of the most significant for the state work is the research work "Strategy of development of ferrous metallurgy for 2014-2020 years and for the period up to 2030 ". Every year Rusmet organizes and conducts business activities for metallurgy and related industries in Russia, China, Turkey, S. Korea, US and EU countries.


Member of BIR
+7(495) 980-06-08