About the Association

The National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM is the only official industry association of scrap and metal waste processors in the country, which has the status of a national self-regulatory organization (SRO). SRO participants are companies from among the procurement structures of metallurgical plants, independent processors, exporters and traders who are leaders in the market and government programs.

Members of the National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM have 100% of the shredding capacity of Russia and 75% of the market in terms of consumption of steel scrap in Russia, at least 60% of non-ferrous scrap procurement. Among our members are also processors of scrap containing precious metals, incl. electronic scrap, precious metal scrap.

In addition, the members of the Association are leaders in the export and import of scrap, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and technologies.

Our mission is to ensure the resource and environmental security of Russia by means of returning recoverable materials to the economic turnover.

 Our goal is to create a high-tech metal recycling industry in Russia.

What We Do

Main areas of activity of the National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM and benefits of membership

  1. The Association participates in improving market transparency, developing standards and regulations for the industry.
  2. By becoming a member of the Association, an organisation takes part in consolidating the industry and strengthens its voice, while more effectively address its business issues.
  3. The Association protects the legal rights and interests of its members upon request, including in government agencies.
  4. The Association forms and accumulates a compensation fund for property liability insurance.
  5. Members of the Association are always informed about major changes and events in the industry.
  6. The Association organises advanced training, exchange of experience with foreign colleagues, and holds business events in Russia and abroad.
  7. The Association forms and improve corporate culture and business ethics in the industry, popularise the industry and promotes growth of its members reputation.
  8. The Association assists in finding reliable partners, buyers, and suppliers of goods and services.
  9. The Association has a loyalty programme, which is updated annually; the amount of membership fees is differentiated depending on the size of the enterprise’s business.




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