Legislative initiatives and main programmes

Being the only official industry association of metal scrap processors in Russia and expressing the consolidated position of the industry, RUSLOM.COM Association makes continuous efforts to:

  1. Introduce mandatory self-regulation in the industry of scrap and metal waste management (ministry in charge: the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation).
  2. Lift personal income tax on supply of secondary resources by individuals (ministry in charge: the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation).
  3. Assist in the implementation of a comprehensive programme for out of service vehicles, equipment and machinery disposal (ministry in charge: the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation).
  4. Optimise the system of scrap and metal wastes alienation, also by means of an electronic bidding mechanism on specialised electronic trading platforms (ministry in charge: the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation).
  5. Optimise customs legislation on scrap metal exports. Monitor the balance of foreign and domestic scrap markets, protect the rights of exporters (offices in charge: Federal Customs Service, Ministry of Finance).
  6. Develop proposals for the strategy ofwaste management industry (Strategy 2030) and transition to the green economy and sustainable environmental development (Concept of sustainable environmental development of the Russian Federation).
  7. Continue to organise the Scrap of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals Forum, the largest in Russia and Europe industry-wide international event, and the Moscow International Recycling Expo.
  8. Implement the target programme on improving the efficiency of metal scrap and waste management enterprises’ cooperation with the financial and banking organisations, which includes participation of the leading banks.
  9. Implement the Taxi for Garbage project. Create of a geosocial service for citizens to facilitate separate collection of garbage and the return of the secondary resources to economic turnover.
  10. Improve the standards of scrap, electronic and electrical wastes management industry.
  11. Implement partnership programmes to organise training courses and professional retraining in the field of scrap, electronic, electrical, military equipment wastes with the Institute of Continuing Education of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Swiss and, German experts from recycling institutes. Graduates get MISiS diplomas, granting them the right to work in the field.
  12. Implement the target programme “The All-Russian Rating of Leaders in the Scrap and Metal Waste Management Industry”. Conduct the annual ranking leaders award ceremony. The types of ratings are as follows: federal, regional and export-import categories.
  13. Implement programmes to develop the infrastructure of payment services and optimise legislation in order to move to cashless payments for scrap with individuals.

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