The General Meeting of Members is the supreme governing body of the Association as a self-regulatory organisation. The area of competence of the General Meeting of Members is set by the Federal Law 01.12.2007 No. 315-FZ and other federal laws as well as the Association’s Charter.

The Revision Commission is the internal control body of the Association which monitors its activities and managing bodies.

The Supervisory Board is the advisory collegial body which develops proposals and recommendations to facilitate the implementation of the Association’s goals and objectives. The body acts on the principles of voluntariness, self-regulation, objectivity, transparency, publicity and independence in making decisions on issues of its competence.

The Presidium is the permanent collegial managing body formed by the General Meeting of Members.

The Director is the chief executive officer of the Association. The competence of the Director includes all issues related to the management of the Association’s activities, except those of competence of the General Meeting of Members and the Presidium.

The Control Commission is a specialised collegial body of the Association that monitors compliance with the requirements of the Association’s standards, the self-regulation rules and the technical regulations.

Committees are specialised bodies of the Association created to carry out specific functions:

  • Committee for Protection of the Association Members’ Rights and Legal Risks
  • Committee for Standardisation, Research and Education
  • Committee for Economics, Insurance and Financial Risks
  • Committee for Information, Analytical Support and Monitoring

Committee for Industry Development and Entrepreneurship Support

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