• The supreme management body is the General Meeting of the Association members (all self-regulated organisation (SRO) members have the right to vote and submit initiatives).
  • The collegial management body is the Presidium, composed of 17 representatives elected by the General Meeting.
  • Chairman of the Presidium is the President of the Association and is elected by the General Meeting.
  • CEO is the Director of the Association, elected by the General Meeting.

Specialised bodies facilitate implementing the strategy and tasks of the General Meeting and the Presidium, developing an expert industry position, prepare responses to requests from members of the SRO and authorities, etc. Members of the SRO can join most of the committees without a vote of the governing bodies, at will.

  • Committee on the Rights Protection of the Self-Regulated Organisation Members and Legal Risks
  • Committee on Standardisation, Research, and Education
  • Committee on Economics, Insurance, and Financial Risks
  • Committee on Information and Analytical Support and Monitoring
  • Committee on Industry Development and Support of Entrepreneurship
  • Committee on Managing Waste of Construction, Demolition (Dismantling) of Buildings and Structures
  • Committee on Managing Scrap and Waste of Precious Metals
  • Control Commission
  • Audit Commission
  • Disciplinary Committee

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