Volodkin Vladimir

President of the President of the, Chief Specialist of Vtorchermet NLMK LLC»

Sofronov Alexander

General Director of General Director of Vtorchermet NLMK LLC»

Astakhov Sergey

General Director of TransLom LLC

Mitrofanov Alexey

Founder of MetalTorg-Vostok LLC»

Shevchuk Natalya

General Director of Metalika LLC

Balashev Igor

General Director of Intermettrade LLC

Stechkevich Dmitry

General Director of PSKOVVTORMET OJSC

Lalayan German

Founder of Agropribor CJSC

Adabir Igor

Commercial Director of Oris Prom LLC

Kraev Denis

General Director of SGMK-Trade LLC

Konyakhin Evgeny

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Production Holding YUG-MET LLC

Kondratiev Denis

Member of the Board of the SRO Waste Paper Processors League

Tsvigun Oleg

Deputy Director for New Projects of SAFMAR Group JSC

Voytsekhovskiy Sergey

The Voitzekhovkiy S.V. Law Office

Alipchenko Alexey

Head of the representative office of the TRIMET ALUMINUM AG group in the CIS, Central Asia and Baltic countries

Dvoretskiy Vladimir Yakovlevich

Chairman of the Association “Republican Union of Secondary Metallurgy Industrialists”

Mr.Jeffrey D. Kimball

Vice President, EUROMETREC- European Metal Trade and Recycling Federation (Brussels)



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