What We Do

Our mission is to ensure the resource and environmental security of Russia by means of returning recoverable materials to the economic turnover.

Our goal is to create a high-tech metal recycling industry in Russia.

Our objectives:

  • Unify all stakeholders of the metal scrap and other secondary materials markets in a professional community to develop a consolidated position and support making strategic industry decisions.
  • Promote industry’s self-regulation, develop rules and standards and facilitate their implementation by the Association members.
  • Maintain an effective dialogue between business and state.
  • Optimise legislation in the waste management sphere.
  • Promote implementing the world’s cutting-edge recycling technologies.
  • Improve the transparency, competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the industry.
  • Promote entrepreneurial activity, protect the rights of Association members and minimise legal, economic, reputational and other risks.
  • Provide information and analytics, develop industry ratings and reliable statistics on the scrap market.
  • Conduct R&D and organise professional training of the industry members’ staff.

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