Congratulations on the Day of Metallurgist in Russia: Director of the National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM Viktor Kovshevny interviews the famous economic historian Viktor Kulikov

On Thursday July 16th, the Director of the National Recycling Association  RUSLOM.COM held an interview in the office of the Association with a Business School of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs expert, economic historian Viktor Kulikov.

Viktor Kulikov, PhD in Historical Science, Associate Professor, Expert of the Business School of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, lecturer at the Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov, spoke about the historical retrospective of the scrap metal market, the specific features of the Russian scrap metal market development, which took shape in intense competition with Great Britain.

The speaker spoke about the unprecedented successes of Russian industrialists in the metallurgical industry, its leading role in the world at a certain historical moment, especially noted the huge role of Russia as an exporter of metals, in particular, pig iron. At the same time, the historian outlined a great role of international cooperation and foreign investment (primarily British and Dutch) in the development of the industry.

The dialogue between the Director of the Association Viktor Kovshevny and the historian-economist provides the audience with the opportunity to see a large-scale historical picture of the scrap metal market and metallurgical industry development in the period of recent and modern history, to hear forecasts based on the analysis of historical trends and facts.

In conclusion, the Director of the Association Viktor Kovshevny and historian Viktor Kulikov congratulated the members of the Association on the Day of Metallurgist, noting that the historical achievements of Russia in this industry are indisputable, and the metallurgists of our country have something to be proud of.

Viktor Kulikov has a PhD in Historical Science and is an Associate Professor, Lecturer at the History Department of Yaroslavl State University. His research projects focused on the history of German society during the time of Wilhelm II, as well as English and German history from 1888-1914. Mr. Kulikov’s PhD thesis was defended on the topic “British Public Opinion about the German Empire in the Time of Kaiser Wilhelm II”. The historian has done research abroad, in particular at Trinity College Dublin (2005) and the British Library (2009), and has presented his work internationally on several occasions. Mr. Kulikov’s current research focuses on the history of Russian economic and cultural exports in the early years of the 20th century. Viktor Kulikov has published over 20 scientific articles and one monograph “German Panic. Teutonophobia in British Society 1888–1914”.

In 2013, he received a “Russian Imports to Great Britain in 1907–1914” Fellowship at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since 2013, Viktor Kulikov has been publishing his articles in the magazine of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs “Business of Russia”.

You can read some of the author’s research on the history of Russian exports at the link:

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