Joint special project of RUSLOM.COM and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia

“Recycling Ambassadors” is being piloted in the most investment-attractive regions of the country

As part of the Day of the Saratov Region at the Russia International Exhibition and Forum on 6 December 2023, Victor Kovshevny and Maria Tyukaeva took part in a plenary session chaired by the Governor of the Saratov Region Roman Busargin.

The discussion was also attended by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (including the Council for Ecology and Development of Circular Economy), representatives of the Russian Ecological Society, representatives of JSC Rosenergoatom, PJSC Sberbank, LLC Novostal-M, and JSC Apatit,

Association’s Director Victor Kovshevny spoke about the investment and environmental potential of the scrap collection and metallurgical sectors of the region.

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