Association NSRO “RUSLOM.COM” will take part in the international forum on waste management, environmental technologies and renewable energy “WasteTech 2021”

From 7 to 9 September 2021 Crocus Expo in Moscow will host the International Forum on Waste Management, Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy and the WasteTech 2021 exhibition.

Viktor Kovshevny, Director of the Association NSRO RUSLOM.COM, will speak at the profile session “Circular Economy” of the business program of the international forum.

Viktor Kovshevny’s speech is also scheduled for September 8 at the IV Conference “Waste Management Systems: Environmental, Legal and Technological Solutions” within the WasteTech business programme 2021, at the session “The Market of Secondary Material Resources and Prospects for Recycling in Russia”. The report of the Director of the Association will be devoted to the topic “Increasing the transparency of activities related to the handling of scrap and metal waste. Industry Compliance. Harmonization of legislation and unification of business requirements”.

The session “The market of secondary material resources and the prospects for recycling in Russia” will be moderated by Denis Kondratyev, businessman, analyst in the fields of pulp and paper industry and waste management, General Director and Managing Partner of the industry analytical agency PPI “Center for System Solutions”, Deputy General Director and member of the Supervisory Board SRO Association “League of Waste Paper Recyclers”.

The session is also scheduled for a speech by Andrey Zelenin, General Director of the RUSMET rating agency, who will talk about the balance of the metallurgical raw materials market, trends and pricing factors.

Experts and participants in the waste management industry will discuss at the profile session a list of actions necessary for the transition to a circular economy, the current state of the waste management reform, problems of tariff regulation, separate waste collection, the impact of EPR on the transition to a cyclical economy.

The session will be moderated by Albina Dudareva, Executive Director of the Resource Closed Cycle Assistance Association, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

Another important event at the upcoming event will be the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Resource Closed Cycle Assistance Association and the RUSLOM.COM NSRO Association in order to improve the main economic indicators of the domestic industrial complex, including through the implementation of socially significant initiatives on the territory of the Russian Federation …

The following areas of cooperation between the Associations are planned:

  • initiation and promotion of socially significant initiatives aimed at the transition to a circular economy, stimulation of the reuse of the maximum amount of secondary material resources, development of waste processing and disposal, effective protection of the domestic market and Russian manufacturers;
  • promoting effective interaction and open dialogue between business, government, science and civil society.
  • assistance in improving legal regulation in the field of waste and secondary resources management.

Forum “WasteTech 2021” is one of the main industry platforms for obtaining new professional knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of recycling, disposal of production and consumption waste, choosing rational solutions to pressing problems of the industry.

Conducted since 1999, WasteTech is the largest specialized platform in Russia and neighbouring countries for demonstrating ready-made solutions, technologies and services for the formation of a civilized industry for waste management, environmental protection, wastewater treatment and gas-air emissions.

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