The National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM signed a cooperation agreement with ecotaxi Uberi (Clean up!)

Association RUSLOM.COM has signed a cooperation agreement with ecotaxi Uberi, which provides services for the removal of used items (large household appliances, furniture, scrap metal etc.) to collection points for further processing.

The subject of the agreement is the long-term and effective cooperation of organisations aimed at attracting procurement structures of metallurgical plants, independent processors, exporters and traders who have the necessary licenses and special equipment and are members of the RUSLOM.COM Association as partners in the provision of ecotaxi services Uberi picking up things for recycling. In addition, the parties agreed to conduct marketing and information campaigns that would popularise the Uberi eco-taxi service among consumers and other joint events.

“We highly appreciate the relationships established between our organisations. The signing of such agreements makes the best use of the potential inherent in the very idea of professional associations. Ecotaxi Uberi in this chain of interaction is a reliable intermediary between the population and recyclers, ensuring the removal, transportation of waste and supplying processing enterprises with raw materials. This joint work with the RUSLOM.COM Association contributes to the development of the circular economy,” said Dmitry Ivanov, head of the Uberi ecotaxi.

Ecotaxi Uberi – (My Payments LLC) provides services for the removal of household appliances, old furniture, metal doors and bathtubs, secondary raw materials from residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region to the Megabak site and further to processing enterprises. The service cooperates with licensed factories and recyclers of household appliances and scrap metal, waste paper, plastic, glass and other useful fractions, so all things are guaranteed to be transferred for recycling in order to be returned to economic circulation.

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