The National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Waste Utilisers Klever

According to this document, organisations join forces to implement joint tasks in the field of recycling and waste management.

The provisions of the agreement provide for the implementation by the parties of a set of measures of an organisational, logistical, informational, scientific and methodological nature, as well as mutual support for initiatives, conceptual and practical measures in interaction with state bodies and legal entities.

“We highly appreciate our cooperation with the Association RUSLOM.COM. Working together with the only official industry association of scrap processors in our country opens up good prospects for our associations – we will be able to exchange the experience of our members in terms of innovation and advanced recycling technologies, jointly work to achieve economically justified tariffs, return waste to economic circulation, and reduce landfill volumes. It is this kind of joint activity that is the key to the steady development of the recycling industry,” said Vladimir Zotov, President of the self-regulated organisation Association of Waste Recyclers Klever.

The self-regulatory organisation Association of Waste Disposers Klever unites professionals working in the field of waste disposal. The Association defends the interests of its members at the state level, creates an environment for direct interaction between raw material suppliers, manufacturers and importers, organises visits to enterprises that use the best available technologies, identifies and analyses industry problems and risks, and offers joint and effective solutions for all participants.

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