Victor Kovshevny speaks at CABEX in Moscow

Victor Kovshevny said that Russian copper scrap generation is about 753 thousand tonnes per year; much less is collected, about 374 thousand in 2021.

The forecast for scrap generation and consumption by 2030 is positive and figures will rise.

At the same time, it is crucial to stimulate scrap collection.

In some regions the copper and aluminium scrap collection fell to 76-80% in 2022, mainly because of the a reduction in the volume of procurement at ferrous scrap collection points which are also anchor points for the procurement of non-ferrous metals.

To stimulate and increase the transparency of scrap collection, measures should be implemented within the framework of the Strategy for the Development of Domestic Metallurgy until 2030 and the List of Priority Measures to Improve the Regulatory Framework for the Industry of Scrap and Metal Waste Management. The Association has submitted proposals to both government documents describing its position.

Alexander Shepelev, General Director of Taurus Motors LLC (member of RUSLOM.COM) moderated the session.

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