On 3 September ceremony held in Moscow to unveil memorial panel commemorating Victory Parade on Red Square

On 3 September, a solemn ceremony was held on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow to unveil a high relief commemorating the Victory Parade on Red Square on 24 June 1945. The event was timed to coincide with the Day of Military Glory, which was established in 2023 by decree of the President of the Russian Federation: “3 September is the day of victory over militarist Japan and the end of the World War II”.

The event was supported by the National Recycling Association RUSLOM.COM, the International Union of Non-Governmental Organisations “Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly”, the All-Russian Public Organisation “Russian Union of Veterans”. Among the participants were representatives of the federal executive and legislative authorities and the city of Moscow, leading entrepreneurs of the scrap and metallurgical industries, public and political figures, diplomats and members of veterans’ and industrial organisations from various countries, journalists from leading Russian and foreign mass media. The ceremony was attended by Galina Pankratyeva, granddaughter of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov, who inspected the parade, and Yevgeny Silin, nephew of Marshal of the Soviet Union Konstantin Rokossovsky, who commanded the parade.

The project was implemented thanks to the efforts of the Association RUSLOM.COM and leading entrepreneurs of the scrap industry, such as Acron Holding Group (Samara), UralMetProm Group (Volgograd), Metprom (Voronezh), Rating Agency Rusmet (Moscow), Metalltorg (Vladivostok), and entrepreneur Oksana Sirotinina. Created by decree of the Soviet government in 1922, the industry of processing scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals made its significant contribution to the victory in World War II.

The author of the memorial panel is Vladimir Surovtsev, Russian sculptor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation, member of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, author of more than 120 projects in Russia and 19 countries.

The composition of the high relief depicts outstanding commanders of the Soviet Union: Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov who inspected the Victory Parade and Marshal of the Soviet Union Konstantin Rokossovsky who commanded the Victory Parade.

The project is intended to perpetuate the memory of the Victory Parade and at the same time it is connected with another legendary fact of the Soviet military history – the parade which was held on 7 November 1941 in Moscow, Samara and Voronezh by the decision of the Supreme Commander in Chief in the conditions of the battle between the Soviet and German troops near Moscow. The sculptor made 3 copies of the memorial panels. Two identical high reliefs depicting Marshals Georgy Zhukov and Konstantin Rokossovsky were donated to the cities of Samara and Voronezh.

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